Periodic Table Lesson Plans

With help from the American Assocation of Chemistry Teachers and American Chemical Society, Ptable has sponsored the creation of exciting new lesson plans developed by chemistry teachers which take advantage of the site's in-depth interactivity. Using these free lesson plans, you can engage with the periodic table in ways which were previously impossible. Investigations
In this activity, students will use the online periodic table,, to investigate a number of chemistry concepts. Students will use this online resource to explore information about the elements, including historical data, physical properties, periodic trends and more.
Exploring Elements
In this project, students will select an element and then use to explore aspects of the element including its periodicity, electron configuration, history, and uses in industry.
Making Connections between Electronegativity, Molecular Shape, and Polarity
In this activity, students will find the electronegativity values of a variety of elements, draw the Lewis structures of select molecules that are made with those elements, and identify the molecular shape of each molecule. Students will then be asked to determine if the molecules are polar or nonpolar based on the electronegativity values of the atoms and the molecular shape.